Welcome to Kelly's South Carolina State Directory

As you can see, we will have directories all across the United States.   Once you sign up with one of our directories, you can be linked to at least 3,200+ directories.   Through links and citations, we will give your listing the broadest exposure.



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In addition to our directories, we will provide the following :

Business Services

Affilate Services



Tax Prep


Rank and Rent

Work from home- Online

Books and Ebooks

Other Services

All Kelly’s is a based on membership model.  

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New Listings

Welcome to Kelly's Directories.

My favorite part of my banking career of over 40 years was the ability to focus on the customer.   Kelly’s Directories want bring the focus on you, the customer.    We want to point as many  “arrows”  toward your business as possible.    

As we launch our directories, we are offering the listings at a minimal cost.  Over time we will increase the rate, offering to grandfather in existing customer at the lower rate.

Great Exposure – Minimal cost


1/3 of our net revenue will go to Kelly’s Community Heros –

Children’s Homes, Food Banks and Hearts In Harmony (an equestrian therapy program)


The fun part of this venture is the opportunity to promote our customers.  The more links, citations, posts, lists and customers that will link back to our directories the more we will give our customers exposure.

This is an evergreen business.  There are over a billion businesses in the united states.   We would enjoy having each one joint our directories.

We will have the following levels of directories:

Specific Niche – ie,  physical therapist be put on Physical Therapist Directory

City Directory

State Regional Directory

State Directory

National Regional Directory – ie, South Region

National Directory

So, based on current plans your listing will be over 3,500 directories.   Our strategy is to give your listing massive exposure.

Of course, to increase your exposure we will be to social media and we ask you to provide information on your company and/or profession.   The more exposure we give all of our businesses the better.